• Product Name: Smart Cat Toy

This is an automatic cat play device based on the idea of simulating a hunting experience using moving objects

The feather will randomly pop out form 6 holes at random intervals

With added color LED lighting, cats are drawn into the experience to catch the feather

Helps keep your cat nimble physically fit, and mentally stimulated

Anti-skin feet to keep toy in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood and tile

Feather easy to replace with a mode to extend and unscrew attachments, 1 replacement feather included and additional replacements available online


How to use?

Load four AA batteries.

Short press to power on/off the device.

Long press the button to switch modes among normal(yellow), smart(cyan) and change feather mode(purple).

Release the button to select a new mode.

Changing feather: long press to " change feather mode", short press button to power down, then, simply unscrew the feather when it's time to replace, install a new feather by screwing on in the same way.